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Yes Catalogue and How Its Buy Now Pay Later Works

Yes Catalogue provides credit you can use to finance products on its portal with weekly payments up to 9 months.

The platform is popular for its buy now pay later catalogue, enabling people to buy items such as electronics, furniture and more in its inventory.

While it may be more convenient for its weekly instalments, understanding how it works can help you estimate the total worth of an order when using the service.

Yes Catalogue

Yes Catalogue

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Tip: Yes Catalogue assigns purchasing power between £500 to £1,200 that can be used for shopping items on the marketplace. Depending on its assessment of your profile, you can be offered 12 or up to 36 weeks to pay for goods ordered.


While most of the buy now pay later services are available to use at gateways when shopping at many of your favourite online shops, Yes Catalogue gives credit you can use to finance products in varying categories like electronics, sofas, gaming consoles, and more within its platform.

The marketplace operates on a weekly payment hence, convenient for users who cannot afford to pay upfront for home essentials and those who cannot get financing from traditional credit providers.


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Its plans are of two types, including the regulated contract that can grant up to £1,200 in shopping credits for those with good bureau scores and where the platform is unable to get full details about your financial profile, you may be offered the alternative unregulated contract enabling you to buy items worth a maximum of £500.  

The full length of repayments varies depending on the contract offered to you; while the regulated allows up to 36 weeks in instalments, you are limited to 12 weeks using the unregulated.

You are required to make one or more down payments before your order will be dispatched which also depends on your contract type.

If you are offered the regulated, your first-week payment is required and for others eligible for the unregulated, six payments are needed which you can pay upfront or every week until it reaches the minimum for your order to be delivered.

Using Yes Catalogue does not affect your credit score as the platform utilises a soft assessment based on the information you provide to determine your eligibility for its services.

When browsing products on its marketplace, you will only see the weekly payment amount and though this will look small compared to paying upfront, the total at the end of the instalment can be higher than the price of the product if bought from a conventional retailer.

Unless you are unable to get financing elsewhere, it may be better to opt for alternatives if the item you want to buy is a high-ticket product but for others that do not cost much, the platform could be a good option.

How Yes Catalogue Works


The platform provides credit for shopping items from its inventory and this is accessible to both the prime and users with poor credit scores.

New users are usually offered the basic unregulated account with a maximum of £500 for shopping its marketplace and depending on how you use the service, you can be upgraded to access up to £1,200.

You can add products to your cart the same way as when buying from other online shops and at checkout, you will be able to utilize your assigned credit for payments.

The repayments are weekly and for the standard profile, you can spread the payments for up to a maximum of 12 weeks while the higher regulated account can enjoy up to 36 weeks of instalments.

What Yes Catalogue Pro Provides


Using the platform for financing products is free but it offers a premium subscription plan that comes with perks. This paid package called the Yes Catalogue Pro is billed at £19.99 every month.

By default, there is a standard delivery fee of £9.99 for orders but when you are on its paid plan, your orders will be dispatched at no extra charges.

Other benefits you can enjoy with this upgraded profile include:

  • Bonus Credit: periodically, it offers its paid users increased credit for purchasing more items from its inventory. This can be up to £500 to spend on different products
  • Branded Items: the platform also gifts users branded items and tech devices during its promotional period
  • Discount on Orders: all premium users will automatically get a 10% discount for every friend referred to the platform
  • Deals: exclusive deals and special accesses are made available to its paid subscribers

Features of Yes Catalogue

Below are some of the things you need to know about using the platform for consumer product financing:

It is not a Credit Card

Yes Catalogue is not a credit card and does not provide one but offers a line of credit that is only valid for use on its marketplace.

When you submit your application on the platform, there is a good chance you will be given at least £500 in purchasing power for buying any product available in its inventory.

There is no credit card provided that you can use for handling expenses at any retailer rather, this assigned spending limit will help you purchase items on the marketplace.

There are two Options

There are different types of accounts provided by Yes Catalogue with the default being the unregulated. Most users will qualify for the standard basic account which requires up to six payments before you get your order.

The regulated plan is for existing users who upgraded from the standard version based on their usage pattern and early payments for previous purchases. Qualifying for this is based on factors determined by the platform and not all users will have this profile type.

While you are limited to £500 with the unregulated credit account, you can enjoy up to £1,200 when on the regulated plan. 

You can use the Credit to Shop its Catalogue

You can not use the Yes Catalogue credit for shopping outside the platform but rather, you are limited to purchasing products within its marketplace.

Yes Catalogue Shopping Page

However, it provides a robust inventory with items spread across multiple categories like mobile phones, computers, gaming devices, sporting goods, kitchen appliances, furniture, DIY items, toys, and more.

Despite operating as an in-house financing retailer, you can still access several products with convenient weekly payments.

No Credit Check

Yes Catalogue does not check credit as its decision is based on the account set-up form you filled out when creating an account.

Some of the details you will be providing include yearly income, dependents information, living status, source of income, address, and other financial data.

Once you have given these and submitted the form, you will then be able to see the product page for shopping.

Unlike conventional financing providers that perform either a soft or hard inquiry, you do not have to worry about that when using Yes Catalogue as it will not initiate a request to any of the major credit bureaus to determine if you will qualify or not.

Weekly Payment Plan

It is a weekly instalment catalogue provider and depending on your account type, you can either spread the payments up to 12 weeks or enjoy up to 36 weeks.

The platform supports payments through direct debit from your connected bank account or you can link a debit or credit card where the instalment will automatically be charged.

There is flexibility provided regarding your first payment as you are the one to decide when the instalment will be due with subsequent automated debits happening every 7 days after then.

Down Payment Required

You will make at least one down payment before your Yes Catalogue order will ship to your address. 

Users under its unregulated contract are required to make a minimum of six weekly payments. This means that most new customers will go through this phase as part of the trust assessment process.

If you are an existing user with an upgraded account (regulated), only a single payment is needed before your items will be delivered.

As a first-timer on the platform, you will pay at least 50% of the total costs. Once the required minimum instalments are received, your order will ship within 24 hours of its standard delivery time.

No Interest But Products may be High-priced

You are not required to pay any interest when using the Yes Catalogue platform for payment plan purchases.

While this may seem a bargain in addition to the convenience of paying for orders on a weekly contract, the total cost can be very high when compared with traditional shopping providers.

Below is a Microsoft Xbox Series S gaming console available on the Yes Catalogue shopping page for £39.58 weekly. This will cost you a total of £237.48 before your order will ship after the minimum 6 payments for unregulated account holders and at the end of the payment term, you will pay a total cost of £474.96 after 12 weeks.

Yes Catalogue Xbox

A similar product on Amazon is at least 60% cheaper if paid upfront hence, you may be able to get a better deal using alternative platforms. For instance, there are so many buy now pay later options for Amazon orders that do not charge interest with longer payment terms you can opt for.

Below is an image showing the console on Amazon at the price of £289 which is cheaper than buying it on the Yes Catalogue marketplace.

Amazon Xbox

Frequently Asked Questions on Yes Catalogue


Below are questions regarding the use of the platform for weekly payment plans:

What is Yes Catalogue?

Yes Catalogue is a shopping platform that provides credit for purchasing products within its marketplace.

It operates on a weekly payment plan with users expected to make down payments up to a certain number depending on their account types before the orders will be delivered.

Is Yes Catalogue Legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate catalogue service provider with its credit regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It has the reference number 944948.

To get more details on the FCA website, simply visit The Yes Catalogue Ltd information page.

Does Yes Catalogue check credit?

No, the platform does not perform any credit inquiry rather, it relies on the information you provide when creating your account to determine your eligibility.

You will be asked for details that include your income, residency, dependants, mortgage, and any other existing credits among others to form the basis of its assessment.

How many Yes Catalogue orders can I have?

The number of orders you can place on the platform depends on your available spending limit.

It offers a credit purchasing power between £500 to £1,200 and as long as you have not exhausted the funds, you can buy what you need within your available credit.

Does Yes Catalogue affect credit?

When you apply for financing on the platform, it will not affect your credit score since it does not perform any inquiry into your credit bureau profile.

However, it works with other financial service providers that enable it to report any payment default to the major credit bureaus hence, avoiding paying due instalments may have a negative impact.

It provides a grace period of 30 days when you need some time to make your due payment and where you need more extension, you should contact its support team requesting more days to prevent any negative effect.

How many payments is Yes Catalogue?

It provides two different contracts with the regulated account holders able to enjoy up to 36 payments.

However, you will be limited to 12 payments if your contract type is unregulated with a minimum of 6 instalments required before you will get the items you bought on the platform.

Is Yes Catalogue a credit card?

No, Yes Catalogue is not a credit card but a shopping platform that grants flexible lines of credit to qualifying users to buy products on its marketplace.

You cannot use the credit outside the platform and the funds are not withdrawable as cash because it is only provided as a purchasing power for essential products within its catalogue.

Can I pay off Yes Catalogue early?

Yes, the platform supports early payment but to do this, you will need to work with its customer service team as there is no direct option to close an order on the platform.

What is Yes Catalogue’s interest?

There is no interest in using the platform to finance your purchases. However, you should take note of the weekly payment value as the total amount can be more than the retail price of a similar product when bought outright outside the marketplace.


There is no doubt using the platform can be convenient because of its weekly instalments and consideration for all users, including those with bad credit scores.

However, you should calculate the total cost of any product to be purchased before you continue with a contract as using Yes Catalogue can be expensive.

For items that do not cost much, it could be a good option when you are unable to get credit from other sources but for high-value products, you may want to try alternatives to avoid paying much.

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