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How to Use Zilch on Amazon for Payment Plans

You can use your Zilch spending limit on Amazon to spread payments for your purchases but it requires pre-planning.

With the vast array of products available on Amazon, you can find nearly any essential item across numerous categories.

Recognizing the marketplace’s significance to their users, many buy now pay later apps offer alternative methods to spread the cost of purchases, making shopping on the platform more accessible.

Understanding Zilch and Plans


Zilch is one of the options you can use to pay later on Amazon but it works uniquely compared to others as it offers a virtual card that is different from the conventional types.

This card combines the behaviour of a debit and prepaid card with the default being the first hence, your bank account (connected to your Zilch profile through your repayment card) will be deducted if you use the card directly to make payments.

Zilch Card

To avoid direct debit and use it for a payment plan, the card needs to be set up for a credit transaction through your dashboard where you will need to specify the value of the purchase and the amount that will be loaded onto it.

While the pay over 6 weeks is interest-free, it also has the option you can use to enjoy three months of instalments at a representative APR starting from 22.6% or if you are on the Zilch Up programme for credit building, it can be up to 25.2%.

However, there is a usage fee between £3 to £7.50 every time you use the Anywhere card for payment plan purchases.

How to Use Zilch on Amazon (Anywhere Option)

Below are the processes involved in using your Zilch spending limit for payment plans on the Amazon Marketplace using the Anywhere card:


Get your Amazon total cart value

The total cart value of your order on Amazon is important before you can start the set-up process on the Zilch app.

This is because the card is prepaid when it is to be used for payment plan purchases hence, the right value needs to be funded before utilising it.

When looking at the value, you should consider every cost, including postage, packaging, delivery, tax, and any other.

The sample image below can be used for reference as the items’ value is the product cost while additional charges are added to cover postage and packing.

Amazon Checkout Page for Zilch

You need to consider the total order value because the transaction could fail if the Zilch card does not have enough balance pre-funded to cover the entire cost.


On your Zilch app, click view and select the online method

When logged in, you will see your Anywhere card with the view option. Click it to open the set-up page.

There are two checkout methods, including online or in-store and since this is for Amazon, go with the first.


Choose your payment plan option

With the online method selected, next will be your preferred payment plan. Zilch has two options explained below.

Zilch Payment Plans

The first is Pay in 4 which is the option for instalment purchases and it can be either for bi-weekly payments of up to six weeks or the longer term three months.

If you use your Anywhere card to make payments on Amazon, there is a fee of £3 if your plan is for six weeks or £7.50 if you choose the longer six months plan.

The second option is Zilch Pay Now which will debit your account in full for the order but comes with a reward and if you are browsing the Amazon Marketplace outside the app, you may earn 0.5% in cashback.

For an instalment purchase, stick to the first Pay in 4 option and follow the instructions to select your preferred plan.


Enter the prepaid amount and proceed

Once you have selected the plan, provide the amount you need pre-funded to the Anywhere card. Do not forget to add every other fee, including tax, delivery, postage, and any other.

The next steps will show your plan details, fee, and terms. You are to accept before the card will be enabled for a payment plan checkout.

You may be redirected to Amazon if you selected it while profiling your card but that is not a problem because you can go back to get the payment information.


Copy details and use on Amazon

After accepting the terms, the card will be enabled for instalment checkout. 

Copy the details and paste them on the Amazon checkout page in the fields after clicking the ‘Add a credit or debit card’ button.

Complete other steps and place your order. It will go through and your purchasing power on Zilch will be adjusted.

How to Use Zilch on Amazon (In-app Option)

You can also use your spending limit on Amazon by shopping through the Zilch app by following the steps below:


Search for Amazon on the App

The Zilch app contains several stores in its directory that allow users to shop without leaving the interface.

While the Anywhere option gives you more freedom in terms of the number of retailers you can use your spending limit (including those not on the Zilch app), the in-app option is limited to merchants listed on the directory but it has better rewards since you can earn cashback of up to 5% when you buy through the app.

To make purchases on Amazon, search for it on the app.


Choose your payment plan option

This step is similar to using the Anywhere option and if you want to utilise the payment plan at checkout, you will have to select the Pay in 4.

With that selected, you will have the option to choose between the six-week plan or that for up to three months of financing.

Depending on the order amount and preference, the maximum value you can utilise will vary between £50 to £1,000.


Shop on the app and checkout

After the plan is selected, the Amazon portal will launch and you can add items to your cart.

Do your shopping as usual and once you are done, proceed to the checkout page for payment.

At the bottom of the app, you will see a Pay with Zilch button and once selected, the card details will be auto-filled. You can also copy and paste the details.

Follow the next steps on the Amazon page to complete the order process.

Other Method to Use Zilch on Amazon


The alternative method to use the purchasing power for shopping on the Amazon Marketplace is buying a gift card with the Zilch card.

There are many platforms where you can purchase Amazon gift cards in the UK, including:

  • Dundle
  • Cardyard


Being one of the top spread payment providers in the UK, using Zilch on Amazon for financing comes with convenience considering you can use it to defer upfront costs for up to three months.

However, note that it is not totally free as there is an APR between 22.6% and 25.2%( in addition to its Anywhere convenience fee) depending on the features and plans being utilised.

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