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Shops That Accept Frasers Plus for Payment Plans

Frasers Plus enables you to spread your purchase payments into monthly instalments with an add-on for earning rewards.

While Sports Direct and House of Frasers are popular among the list of shops where you can utilise the option to spread the cost of your purchases, many of their sister brands accept it.

With varying terms and the ability to check eligibility without impacting your credit score, it is a good channel to use in financing the items you need.

Frasers Plus

Frasers Plus

Max. Amount

£2, 500

Credit Check




Tip: It has an interest-free credit plan of up to three months and if you opt for others that include 6, 12, and 36 months, there is an APR of up to 29.9%.


Made for the brands under the group, Fraser Plus is one of the top buy now pay later services considering the number of stores that support it as a payment plan channel.

Thanks to the widespread network of these companies, you can use it when you walk into the retail outlets of most Fraser Group brands physical locations, including their online portals.


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There are four plans when using it for payment; the first three months charge no interest but you need to pay your expected amount by the statement due date to avoid paying an extra penalty fee of £10.

Its longer terms including 6, 12, 24, and 36 months are interest-bearing credit with a representative APR of 29.9%.

Applying for Frasers Plus will impact your credit file but if you want to check your eligibility, this will leave no negative effect as only a soft inquiry will be utilised.

In addition to its interest-free pay-in-3 plan and good acceptance at several physical retail stores, one of the reasons many opt for it is the reward program.

Frasers Plus requires no down payment with your first instalment charged on your statement due date, usually 28 days after the purchase.

When you use it to complete your orders, your loyalty account will be credited 1 point per £1 spent (rounded down). This means that if you buy a product worth £34.99, you will earn 34 points.

The accumulated points can be exchanged for discounts but you will need to reach a minimum of 500 points before you can convert them to Rewards Balance.

There is an equivalence exchange rate of 500 points to £5 in rewards, this means that you will need 2000 points to get £20 in discounts at checkout.

The good thing about it is that you will be able to earn points across several of its brands and also use your earned rewards to enjoy discounted purchases.

While you do not need the mobile application to use it when shopping online, it is required for in-store checkout and managing your monthly instalments.

Shops that Accept Frasers Plus

Below is the list of top brands where you can enjoy spread payments and earn rewards using Frasers Plus:


This retailer houses a selection of designer clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children.


It supports online orders as well as walk-in purchases through any of its luxury stores spread across cities in the UK.

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If you want to use the Frasers Plus option at a nearby physical Cruise Fashion location, below are their stores and addresses:


180 Ingram Street
G1 1DN


94 George Street


247 Union Street
AB11 6BR


It is a popular luxury brand with different collections in clothing, footwear, and beauty. You can also get home goods and jewellery items when shopping on the platform.


It is an online extension of House of Frasers catering to select items from well-known brands in clothing and home goods, including electronics and appliances.


The brand specialises in video games, consoles, accessories, and related merchandise.


There are over 200 Game’s stores nationwide and most of them also accept Frasers Plus when you visit their locations.

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If there is one of its outlets close to you, you may want to consider ordering online and pick-up in-store for a faster experience.

House Of Fraser
House Of Fraser

It operates as a department store with varying items in categories that include clothing, electronics, furniture, sports and fitness, and others.


One of the top brands under the group that accepts Frasers Plus for shopping online and when you walk into any of its physical stores.

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It has over 25 locations and you can find the nearest to you by using its Store Finder.

I saw It First
I saw It First

It is a popular fashion brand known for its trendy and affordable clothing, accessories, and footwear for women.


This brand operates through its online portal hence, your payment plan purchases will be at checkout once you have added the needed items to your cart.


It offers a range of skiwear, snowboard clothing, and accessories designed for harsh mountain conditions while providing comfort and protection to outdoor enthusiasts.

Sports Direct
Sports Direct

The brand is known for its wide collection of sports apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories for men, women, and children.


It has one of the largest network of stores among the shops that accept Frasers Plus with its over 400 locations spread across several cities.

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It accepts the option both online and offline and when you visit its physical locations, you can also purchase from its stock of Nevica items.


Another brand catering to fashion-conscious shoppers with a wide range of clothing, footwear, and accessories.


In addition to being one of the online shops that accept Frasers Plus, you can also finance your purchases when you visit one of its over 200 physical retail outlets spread across many cities.

Frequently Asked Questions on Frasers Plus


Below are some of the top questions frequently asked by customers:

What is Frasers Plus?

It is a credit-based buy now pay later option you can use to make payments in instalments and earn rewards at several stores within the Frasers group of brands, including online and at the retail locations of Cruise, USC, Sports Direct, Games, House of Frasers, I saw It First, and others.

How does Frasers Plus work?

You can compare it to a credit card without the physical version.

When you apply, you will be offered a line of credit with the limit determined based on your financial history gotten through a hard inquiry.

Once you have been assigned this credit line, it can then be used for payment plan purchases at several stores within the Frasers Group of companies.

Just like you enjoy perks with a credit card, you will also earn rewards every time it is used to settle your orders with each pound getting you a point.

Does Frasers Plus check credit?

Yes, submitting an application will have an impact on your credit profile as the platform utilises a hard inquiry to determine your worthiness.

This process will show on your credit report while being reviewed by other financial institutions.

However, there is an option to confirm your eligibility on any of the websites that accept it or simply download the mobile app to see if you may qualify without any impact.

How many times can I use Frasers Plus?

You can have many active orders when using it to finance your items provided a new product purchase is within your available limit.

Note that your existing purchases must not have any default hence, it may affect you from using the balance credit limit.

Does Frasers Plus affect your credit?

Yes, it can have a temporary impact on your credit profile since the hard inquiry it performs will be visible to any financial institution reviewing your records.

The platform also reports repayment activities to the major bureaus hence, it can also help grow your credit score for on-time payments.

Before you apply, check if you will be eligible as this will let you have an idea without any impact.

How many payments is Frasers Plus?

The maximum number of payments when using Frasers Plus is 36 but it is dependent on the plan you selected at checkout.

Below are the available plans you can access when using the option to complete your purchases:

1. 3 months
2. 6 months
3. 12 months
4. 36 months

What is Frasers Plus credit limit?

Frasers Plus has a credit limit of £2,000 but the maximum you can access is dependent on factors like your credit score, income, and other requirements determined by the platform and its partner.

Does Frasers Plus have a virtual card?

No, there is no virtual card provided by this buy now pay later option.

However, you can try using Klarna or Zilch if you need a card you can use to make payments at your choice retailer.

Can I pay off Frasers Plus early?

Yes, the platform supports early repayments without any penalty.

To make payments before your next due date:

1. Launch your Frasers Plus app and select the wallet icon on the screen
2. Click the Setup Direct Debit option
3. Provide every required detail after then

The alternative method for early payment is using the Instant Transfer option which is also under the Wallet option. With this, you will connect an account provided by one of the supported banks through the channel which you can use to make the payment.

Is Frasers Plus interest-free?

Yes, it has an interest-free plan that can be utilised for three months instalments.

However, longer terms including that for 6, 12, and up to 36 months come with a representative APR of 29.9%.

Can I withdraw money from Frasers Plus?

No, the platform does not offer a cash-out option as the credit provided is meant to be used only for checkout financing at select Frasers’ group of companies.

What is Frasers Plus Price?

The Frasers Plus price is a special sale amount at a heavy discount on select products when financing products with your credit account.

It is offered by many of the brands that support checkout with Frasers Plus both online and when you visit their physical retail stores.

Is Frasers Plus legit?

Yes, the payment plan option is provided by Frasers Group Financial Services Limited, an FCA-regulated provider.


With the group of companies having a good distribution network through their robust online portals and widespread physical stores nationwide, you can enjoy rewards and discounts that come with using Frasers Plus while paying in instalments for your purchases.

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